What is #TheKitaRewards?

The Kita Rewards is a specially curated loyalty program designed for all our #TheKitaGirls to enjoy and feel appreciated when you shop with us. The more you spend, the more dreams you’ll earn. As simple as that!

How do I join #TheKitaRewards?

All you have to do is sign up online or at our flagship store. It is completely free with no minimum spending amount required to sign up.

What benefits do Dreamers get?

The benefits of the rewards program vary depending on your tier status, but all #TheKitaGirls will receive birthday treats and sign up dreams. The breakdown of perks according to the tier status is in the chart above.

How is my Dreamer tier status determined?

Your Dreamer tier status is determined by how much you spend annually at mimpikita.com.my or Mimpikita’s flagship store with the email address you signed up with.

Will my dreams expire every year?

No, your dreams will continue to roll over to the next year. The only thing that changes is your tier level if you don’t meet the minimum amount spent per year.

Do all purchases count for dreams?

Any eligible purchases made at mimpikita.com.my or Mimpikita’s flagship store will count for dreams.

How do I redeem my dreams?

It’s this simple: For every RM you spend on eligible purchases, you earn one dream. Earned dreams are converted into Rewards. For every 1000 dreams you collect, you get RM20 / 3000 dreams you collect, you get RM60, 5000 dreams you collect, you get RM100 credit to redeem on future purchases.

Where can I see my dreams, rewards and tier information?

Sign in at mimpikita.com.my and you will see your dreams, rewards and tier information under My Account page.

What happens when I return/refund/exchange items?

In an event of any returns/refunds/exchange, any dreams earned from that will not be reimbursed.

Can I combine spend from multiple accounts into a single account?

No, you cannot combine accounts and we urge you to use a single account under one email address to collect and earn dreams.