August 06, 2016
Mimpikita Picks - Lebaran 2016

As part of our new series on featuring the best of Mimpikita stylish snaps, we'd love to share the best looks on our blog for Mimpikita Picks. Show us how it's done and how you style our Mimpikita looks.

As for this first Mimpikita picks post we look at one of the most exciting season of the year for all of us at Mimpikita - Lebaran! Today marks the last day of Syawal and we would like to once again thank all of you for sharing your Lebaran snaps with us; for allowing us to go virtual journey back to your kampung and attending the open house circuit in out get-up. Thank you!




We hope you enjoyed your raya as much as we did, and we are very excited to work on Lebaran 2017 already!

But do we have something for Raya Haji? Ermm stay tune to find out.


Mira Zulkifli

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