January 17, 2021

…at blogging!

This post may be long overdue but you know what they say, better late than never innit?

When my team came up with this blogging idea, I was quite hesitant because let’s be honest, Nurul Zulkifli fails terribly at the writing department. But then I thought to myself, “Why not? This is a new challenge and I like a challenge!” so after giving it a thought and dah kena pujuk by my team, I agreed. So here goes nothing!

2017 has started with a breeze and I thought I shall start this blog post with something sweet and of course memorable. Much to my excitement with all the pregnancy post that I shared on my personal Instagram (I know, I know, its nothing new), I am very overwhelmed by the fact that I was not the only one who had a hard time to conceive. But it’s okay, to all the trying mothers out there, I feel you but remember, perseverance is key!

I have sooooo many topics to share with all of you about but not today! Hehe a little teaser would suffice for now but fret not, I promise to commit to this blog and I will try my best to make it a habit to write even more.

Then again, do you all see what this blog is missing?

You guessed it right- A BLOG TITLE. So my dear readers, suggest me a good blog title for my blog because this momma to be can’t think of anything catchy at the moment although I am still thinking and the good news is, that ONE lucky winner with the most creative title will receive a special Mimpikita gift from me hehe so…  I look forward to hearing your creative ideas!

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