About Us


MIMPIKITA started out way back in May 2008, by fully operating through their own blogspot website. Things took a dramatic change on December 1st the same year, where they managed to earn a formal place located at Dataran Sunway. It was here where the 3 sisters, Nurul Zulkifli, Amirah Zulkifli and Syahira Zullkifli, managed to gain experiences in generating their own creative capital and fashion platform by aggressively pulling potential clients for the well-being of their brand. With perfected skills and talents generated, the sisters finally received the divine blessings from their loving parents to grow to a much larger scale in the industry.

On January 1st 2010, MIMPIKITA made its way to the high-society territory of Bangsar as their next stylized platform. And just like a fairytale, the business starting to mould into mainstream favourite with expanding clienteles through their regular customers.

MIMPIKITA’s niche is specifically on READY TO WEAR collections where practicality of design and fit can be easily achieved for woman regardless of their age and unique backgrounds, while beautifully enhancing the soft and subtle features of any individual. Colours and detailings are essential for lasting style, thus bold and timeless colour palettes with intricate detailings plays a vital role to shape up the visual dramatization in their collections. As part of achieving another dream, the MIMPIKITA team is also setting foot in the wedding scene by designing wedding dresses and attire for both women and men.

After 3 years of managing the business, the 3 sisters decided to launch 2 more brand new labels under the wings of MIMPIKITA; the first brand, named KMEJA, is paving the way for Male consumers, while the second brand, named REKAKITA, will cater specifically for interior decoration needs. Having a close invester introduced through their elder brother and close friends, Taufiq Zulkifli, Ili Zuhair Amdan (from Kasi Gegar Entertainment) and Farish Aziz with flair on Man’s clothing distinction and style, KMEJA is set to be the trustworthy brand where Male fashionistas and metrosexuals can really count on being tastefully modest and prim on all occasions and surroundings. REKAKITA is no exception, a brand that is destined to be close to you and your home, office or any other space by making it your own exceptional sanctuary. With partners Alia Shazana and Sham Chonel, rest assured that REKAKITA’s range of interior gems would truly understand the essence of your designated space from top to bottom.

Rekakita is all about whimsical and unique designs that combine to create exceptional and distinct touches to your event. Providing Kuala Lumpur, with innovative styling and d├ęcor for functions, weddings, and parties. Specializing in design, decorating, display, signage and guest favors.

Our mission is to give the clients an extra mile of brilliant advantages that caters every single aspect in an individual’s lifestyle with an urban yet glamorous twist.